Vertical Lift, Tilt and Recline Chair

The vertical lift chair is an excellent choice for clients who need a high level of care. Vertical lift can lift straight up (without tilt) and can be fitted with removable and/or drop down arms for side transfer. For improved client security and circulation a forward or backwards tilt in space option can be added, this feature makes it possible to achieve trendelenburg or reverse trendelenburg position (feet above or bellow the head).


All Oscar electric lift chairs come fitted with Linak control systems that are developed to meet the highest quality and safety standards required to operate in modern medical facilites. Learn more about Linak

Vertical Lift

The vertical lift mechanism allows the chair to be raised directly up and down by 265mm without tilting the seat. This motion has a wide range of benifits for high care patients and there carers. Patients can move the seat to the ideal height before standing or side transferring and carers can raise their patient to and ergonomic working height while administering treatment

Tilt in Space

As an optional extra the vertical lift can be fitted with a forward or backwards (choose only one) tilt. The benefits of these features can depend on the condition of the client, for example forward tilt can assist some with standing from the chair and reverse can make patients fell more stable and secure.

Dual Action foot and back

Similarly to the dual action (dual motor) mechanism on the standard Oscar lift chair range, the footrest and backrest can be operated independently of each other. The back and foot rest is capable of lying completely flat and what paired with the reverse tilt option complete trendelenburg position can be achieved (feet above head).

Drop down or removable arms

One of the most unique features of the vertical lift are the removable and drop down arm options for patient side transfer.

  • The removable arm pulls away form the chair to be sat aside by the carer and gives an obstruction free transfer area that is level with the seat.
  • Drop down arm is locked into place securely by a concealed pin, the arm is released by pulling a fabric loop on the inside of the arm. When unlocked the arm will sit securely in a horizontal position level with the seat, the arm is built strong enough to hold the weight of the patient while transferring across into their wheelchair.

The Vertical Lift is available in the full standard range of Oscar Fabrics at no added cost. For high care patients with continence issues we recommend using a Fusion inner (contact areas) fabric paired with a Vinyl or Dot outer. The Oscar Fusion fabric is an antimicrobial, mold resistant, water resistant, high stretch PU Vinyl while the Dot and Vinyls are durable and can withstand the bumps and scuffs that are to be expected when regularly side transferring from a wheelchair. This option is available at no added cost.

Show Wood

The Vertical comes standard without show wood (full length arm) however they can be added to chairs without drop down or removable arms. Show wood arm fronts and is available in the 4 standard show wood colours.




Options and Modifications

The Vertical Lift chair is available with a range of ‘Made to Measure’ customisations, simply download the specification sheet and tick the boxes for all the mods that your client requires.


Vertical Lift - Specification Sheet

Vertical Lift - Product Brochure

Vertical Lift - Product Flyer

No Tilt (Vertical Lift only) - Instruction Card

Vertical Lift with Forward Tilt - Instruction Card

Vertical Lift with Reverse Tilt - Instruction Card


Colours and Fabrics

All Oscar products are available in a range of colours and fabrics