Guardian Antimicrobial Lift Chair

The Guardian lift and recline chair has been specifically designed to enhance anti-bacterial control while providing superior comfort for patients.

The Seamless contact surfaces have been designed to minimise the occurrences of creases and crevices where bacteria could otherwise accumulate and thrive, this design is extremely quick and simple for cleaning staff to wipe down. Combining the seamless design with your choice of Oscar Fusion anti-bacterial fabric will yield the best results. The Guardian is the first choice for any application where patient comfort and disease control are a priority.

Refurbishment Service

Typically in healthcare facility applications the mechanisms and frames of chairs will outlast the fabric coverings. For this reason The Oscar Guardian chair has been designed with quick and cost effective refurbishment in mind. This provides an economical and ecologically sound method of extending the life of the chair and ensuring long term comfort of the chair.

Lease or Buy

Oscar Furniture is able to offer the guardian on a long term lease, along with a service contract for maintenance and refurbishment. Get in contact to discuss the possibilities.

Wall Saver:

Oscar Guardian comes standard with a Wall-Saver Lift and Recline Mechanism fitted with a Linak single motor actuator control system. In this configuration the single motor wall saver operation of the Guardian allows the chair to move forward while the backrest reclines. This Oscar feature reduces the space that the chair occupies in the room because the reclined backrest does not hit the wall.

Dual Action:

As an optional extra, the Guardian is available with a ‘Dual action’ mechanism powered by a Linak dual motor control system. This Dual motor option lets the user recline the back without effecting the footrest, allowing a greater range of comfort. This option also increases range of motion to get a completely lay-flat back.

All Linak control systems are developed to meet the highest quality and safety standards required to operate in modern medical facilites. Learn more about Linak

Manual Recline

The Guardian is available with a manual recline mechanism at a reduced cost. This option is a cost effective solution for facilities where patients typically don’t need mechanical assistance to stand. This mechanism is operated by a large ergonomic handle on the right hand side of the chair.




Options and Modifications

The Guardian Lift & Recline chair is available with a limited range of options modifications selected to optimise suitability for commercial healthcare facilities:

Guardian Product Flyer


Wall Saver (Single Motor) - Instruction Card

Dual Action (Dual Motor) - Instruction Card

Colours and Fabrics

All Oscar products are available in a range of colours and fabrics