B24 Mobile Lift Chair

The B24 has been designed for clients that may otherwise spend their day in bed. The chair is comfortable for all-day use and can transport the client from room to room without removal from the chair. The B24 has cordless operation and the 24 volt battery caters for a full day of use and re-charges overnight. Carers love the strong handlebar, large wheels and easily accessible wheel brake. Moving the chair is quick, easy and safe for the carer and client.

Wall Saver:

The Oscar B24 comes standard with a Wall-Saver Lift and Recline Mechanism fitted with a Linak single motor actuator control system and full battery backup. In this configuration the single motor wall saver operation of the B24 allows the chair to move forward while the backrest reclines. This Oscar feature reduces the space that the chair occupies in the room because the reclined backrest does not hit the wall.

Dual Action:

As an optional extra, the B24 is available with a ‘Dual action’ mechanism powered by a Linak dual motor control system with full battery backup. This Dual motor option lets the user recline the back without effecting the footrest, allowing a greater range of comfort. This option also increases range of motion to get a completely lay-flat back.

All Linak control systems are developed to meet the highest quality and safety standards required to operate in modern medical facilites. Learn more about Linak


All B24’s come standard with a three roll Barwon style back. Top two rolls are filled with a fibrous filling that has a wonderful soft feel and the bottom roll is made from a supportive Australian made foam.


The B24 is available in the full standard range of Oscar Fabrics at no added cost. For high care patients with continence issues we recommend using a Fusion inner (contact areas) fabric paired with a Vinyl or Dot outer. The Oscar Fusion fabric is an antimicrobial, mold resistant, water resistant, high stretch PU Vinyl while the Dot and Vinyls are durable and can withstand the bumps and scuffs that are to be expected when regularly moving around a busy healthcare facility. This option is available at no added cost.

Show Wood

The B24 comes standard with Mahogany stained show wood arm fronts and is available in the 4 standard show wood colours or removed show wood (full length arm) on request.



Options and Modifications

The B24 Lift-Recline chair is available with a range of ‘Made to Measure’ customisations, simply download the specification sheet for the starter chair size (A and B) and tick the boxes for all the mods that your customer needs.


B24 Mobile Lift & Recline Chair - Product Brochure

B24 Mobile Lift & Recline Chair - Product Flyer

B24 Mobile A - Specification Sheet

B24 Mobile B - Specification Sheet


Wall Saver (Single Motor) - Instruction Card

Dual Action (Dual Motor) - Instruction Card

Colours and Fabrics

All Oscar products are available in a range of colours and fabrics