Australian Manufacturing

Oscar Furniture is dedicated to the Australian manufacturing industry, which is why we have been producing the majority of our furniture in our Horsham (Victoria) manufacturing facility since our humble beginnings in 1981. Oscar prides itself on its ‘end to end’ manufacturing capabilities with: metal fabrication, woodworking, sewing, upholstery, foam processing, painting, assembly and engineering design facilities, all within the same complex.

In order to maintain quality and efficiency, the Oscar Furniture Engineers aim to automate wherever practicable. Today, almost all of our timber frames and fabric coverings are cut using automated CNC machines that produce each component with precision. To further improve our productivity, we have also recently implemented a Robotic Welder, which will soon be producing components for our Australian Made and designed Bariatric mechanisms.

Sustainability is a key concern of the Oscar Group, and we have taken serious steps towards minimising our environmental impacts with a 60kW solar system, which has produced the majority of our electricity since 2013. Further to this, we have implemented scrap recycling and composting processes for our foams, fabrics and timbers, to ensure that we have as little unnecessary waste as possible.


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