Australian Family Owned and Operated

Oscar Furniture is an Australian owned and operated business that prides itself on providing quality furniture products to the Healthcare and Commercial furnishing industries. Founded in 1981 by father and son, Leo and Anthony Op de Coul respectively, Oscar is proud to be a 100% family owned and run business to this day with Sons Matthew and Daniel managing the business alongside Anthony taking Oscar  Furniture into its 3rd Generation.


Innovation and continual product development has always been and will always be a key value contributing to our success. Oscar is always eager to work closely with customers to ensure the unique needs of every client are being met with an innovative solution, wherever possible our designs are driven by feedback from our customers and healthcare professionals.


Oscar furniture has been manufacturing from its Horsham, Victoria based facility since it was founded in 1981. Through utilisation of intelligent manufacturing techniques and development of unique product offerings, Oscar has been able to continually grow its manufacturing capabilities in a time where Australian manufacturing as a whole is on the decline.


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